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The Lancet-PPATS Commission

Preventing future pandemics by reducing the risk of spillovers of viruses


Dalberg Catalyst, The Lancet





Type of Work

Web Design 



The Lancet and the Coalition for Preventing Pandemics at the Source (PPATS) have convened a bold new Commission on Prevention of Viral Spillover. Our task was to create the digital visual language for this initiative, which we then translated into a website.

What was unique about our work on this project was to blend two existing and distinct, established visual identities into one - and create a new commission from it. To do so, we have leveraged The Lancet well-recognized serif font and balanced it with moving animations of viruses to resemble the vibrancy and playfulness that PPATS visual identity has.

See the result

“We truly appreciate how beautifully the website turned out, and how smooth this process was.  It’s always such a pleasure to get to work with Dalberg Media.” ​

Sonila Cook, CEO at Dalberg Catalyst

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