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Preventing Pandemics at the Source

Creating a platform for preventing future pandemics


Dalberg Catalyst





Type of Work

Website development

Website design



Dalberg Catalyst approached us in 2020 to create the identity and website for their new initiative “Preventing Future Pandemics at the Source” that envision a world where pandemics are stopped before they even start. We took a very collaborative approach to make sure the client was part of the development process and could see their vision come to life. It allowed us to build a very close client relationship which snowballed into other projects.

The creation of the website gave an elaborated platform allowing the Preventing Pandemic Initiative to further their work focused on saving lives by preventing the spillover of zoonotic viruses from animals to humans.

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“The Preventing Pandemics website, designed by Dalberg Media, is vital to our work. The website's professional design has allowed us to position ourselves as a credible organization, to increase the visibility of our work and to develop a recognizable brand identity. It has also greatly aided us in our mission to raise awareness about the links between the destruction of nature and pandemics.”

- Lina Dieudonne, Dalberg Catalyst
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