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Storytelling Lab 2024

Mobilizing creatives to generate behavior change in Ethiopia through innovative storytelling







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Dalberg Media has developed the concept of the Bilharzia Storytelling Lab as part of Merck Group's efforts to increase awareness about the causes and preventative measures for bilharzia. First implemented in Kenya in 2021, the initiative was expanded to Rwanda in 2022. The program's third installment is scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2024.

The lab builds on a human-centered design thinking approach that is combined with concepts of creative communication. The lab will be conducted from March 18th until March 22nd, where 25 local storytellers and creatives will work with local experts from the creative sector, health organizations, and non-profits to create creative solutions that are rooted in reality to fight the spread of Bilharzia through promoting behaviour change.

All expenses related to participation are covered by Merck and the winning solution will receive 10,000 EUR to actualize the project with their team. 

"The Lab has given me a new way to brainstorm, follow my creativity, address stories to my target audience and target group and think about bilharzia and how to tackle it. This has been the best experience this year."

Habtamu Mekonnen, Storytelling Lab 2024 participant

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