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Energy Action Forum

Partnering to work for the global energy transition


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark





Type of Work


Event execution


In preparation for the Energy Action Forum hosted by organizations affiliated with the UN Energy Transition Track including the governments of Denmark and Ethiopia, Dalberg Media developed a brand identity, virtual flyers and a temporary website which provided a central platform for information on the agenda, location, frequently asked questions and speakers included in the program.


The website also served as a livestreaming platform from which some speeches from five Heads of State and other high-level participants were broadcasted. Dalberg also created a temporary website for the event on which all logistical information and content overviews (i.e. speakers and agenda) were provided, and from which the event was livestreamed for a global audience. The conclusions were all collected in an outcome report. 

Finally, Dalberg Media supported the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in facilitating, planning and executing the convening.

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It was very exciting to work on the launch of AfricaNenda, and to see that we, as a company, can be very lean and efficient in gathering the necessary knowledge and using our expertise on the content.”

– Welmoed Barendsen, Consultant 
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